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Love’s and Dance Marathon are changing kids’ health 


We are thrilled to announce Miracle Network Dance Marathon’s continued partnership with Love’s Travel Stops 

Love’s support of Miracle Network Dance Marathon equips and empowers student leaders to raise critical funds for their local children’s hospitals – all while learning valuable professional skills through their Dance Marathon experience. 

Love’s culture of helping others in their community is deeply ingrained in the partnership between Love’s, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Dance Marathon. Love’s has been a proud partner of CMN Hospitals since 1999 and Dance Marathon since 2016. Every year, Love’s team members rally together and inspire each other to join the cause and celebrate changing kids’ health and the future at their local children’s hospital.  

Through Miracle Network Dance Marathon, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are able to provide care that patients desperately need today so that they can fulfill their potential for tomorrow—ultimately having ripple effects that positively impact our communities and our world for years to come.  

Kids can’t wait, and with the help of Love’s and Miracle Network Dance Marathon, we can change the future together. 

In 2021, Love’s is proud to support the following Dance Marathon programs: 

  • Auburn University 
  • Ball State University  
  • Boise State University 
  • Butler University 
  • Clemson University 
  • Elon University 
  • Florida Atlantic University  
  • Florida State University 
  • Georgia Technical Institute  
  • Hope College 
  • Indiana University 
  • Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis 
  • Iowa State University 
  • Louisiana State University  
  • Montana State University 
  • Northeastern State University  
  • Oklahoma City University 
  • Oklahoma State University 
  • Purdue University  
  • Saint Louis University 
  • San Diego State University 
  • Seattle University 
  • Texas Christian University 
  • The Ohio State University  
  • The University of Texas at Austin 
  • University of Alabama 
  • University of Central Florida 
  • University of Central Oklahoma  
  • University of Connecticut  
  • University of Florida 
  • University of Georgia 
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • University of Iowa 
  • University of Maryland 
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
  • University of Mississippi  
  • University of Missouri 
  • University of Nebraska 
  • University of New Mexico 
  • University of Northern Iowa 
  • University of Oklahoma 
  • University of South Carolina 
  • University of South Dakota 
  • University of Tennessee 
  • Valparaiso University 
  • Vanderbilt University 

You can also get updated details about events happening near you, including those supported by Love’s, here!